After a number of concerned residents banded together with the OBC, we then had a great turnout by a number of Auckland Councils engineering experts, who agreed that the groynes system in Omaha was in urgent need of repair. We have subsequently had the first round of repairs agreed, and the work being carried out in June/July is to predominantly fix the “elbow” of the main groyne, as well as some minor repairs to the 2nd groyne. The rocks being lifted in are between 2-4 tonnes each, and will hopefully form the foundation of a very long term solution. The engineers are looking at the groynes as a 5-10 year project, and due to the sensitivity of the shorebird mating season, they can only perform the works at certain times of the year. There is potential that the main groyne may be extended, but is subject to a more indepth study relating to the performance of the existing system. Overall a great result for Omaha as the Groynes are a major contributor to the growth of the sand dunes.

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