Auckland Council have agreed that Omaha has serious issues regarding stormwater that need to be addressed.  A suburb wide study will commence in December 2016 to help build a modern flooding model, data assessment and schematisation. Tonkin and Taylor is the selected contractor to undertake this work. Once this data has been gathered the team will then focus on the broader engineering solution required. It is expected that this work will continue well into 2017. In the meantime, the council have been investigating short term solutions for problem areas.

The Council have created a special project team, and created a direct communications line with the OBC to ensure that residents have ample opportunity to have their concerns put forward. Please email if you have a specific issue.

The immediate project plan includes:

September 2016:

Reliance Way – filling existing hole with concrete, install double catch pit on edge of seal.

Omaha Drive – (167) new catchpit installed. (235) secondary overland flow path on board walk

Day Dawn and Esme – Culvert across the road and install 2 soakholes

October 2016:

30, 68 AND 127 Mangatawhiri – culvert across road and install 2 soakholes. Pipeline under the road into the dry ponds.

November 2016:

PDP Soakage assessment – field testing and assessment report.

Paraoa Crescent – install new catchpit, inlet in swale, with possible pipe to dry pond.


The Council will be investigating the issues in Ruby Cove, Southern Isle and Darroch Slope, with a possible solution of  a modern pumping system. They will make decisions on this once they have collated the data from their studies.

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