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2015 will see the long awaited start to a major Omaha project – the Taniko Walkway. This is a major project and will require the help and support of all Omaha owners and residents.

Starting at the roundabout, the track will start at the gate beside the 12th green, and lead into the scientific reserve. From there it will weave in and out of the Kahikatea Forest, and emerge on the estuary side, before  cutting back in and finally coming out 4km south at the Omaha quarry.

The track will be a stunning asset to Omaha, and will be a great legacy to all those who helped create it

How do i get involved?

Throughout 2015 various fundraising, and on the ground projects will take place. All are welcome, and the more the merrier. keep an eye out for local notices or facebook posts, or contact us here at Omaha Beach Community

our community


The OBC (Omaha Beach Committee) run a range of projects in and around Omaha every year. These projects are all volunteer led, and we reach out to all members of the community to help out. If you are interested to help out, or think you might be able to add value, please do not hesitate to contact us at us@omahabeach.co.nz

Previous projects include the Quarry Walkway, bridge and steps, pest eradication, and the Taniko Scientific Reserve predator fence.

Easter News

With Easter upon us, please feel free to download an update of the Easter online newsletter.