Elected Life Member in 2001
Phone (09) 422 7809

Local celebrity Judy Crooks has been in and around Omaha for many years. She has dedicated many years service to the community and acted as the 2014 President of the Omaha Bowls Club.

Judy and her husband first came to Omaha in the mid-1980s and were among the first visitors to rent a bach in Omaha. When a property became available in 1987, the Crooks pounced and by the end of the weekend owned their own piece of paradise (and still own the same place!)

Judy believes that criticism is pointless unless you are prepared to help out and give things a go so, as a result, she was enticed onto the OBC in 1991 and played an active part in convincing the council to demonstrate that Omaha rates were being fairly spent. She was part of a team that negotiated a $1m payout to the community to purchase a range of critical assets still in use today. The boat ramp was built at a cost of $70,000 and the golf course land was bought by the community and gifted to the council for $150,000. A further $150,000 was used to build the surf club and the remaining funds went into building the current Community centre.

Judy was a pioneer of the drifting kite long lines and remembers the days when it was quite normal to catch 14 fish on a single line. Her father also built the original entrance sign into Omaha and she remains a trusted friend of many people in and around Omaha.

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