Update on Northern Walkways

By way of update, Council seems to be making good progress on the new/upgraded concrete walkway from Blue Bell Parade down to Meiklejohn Way (see first photo) The wooden Walkways 2 and 3 have now been replaced (see second photo of Walkway 3) and work is well underway on Walkway 4.

Rodney Local Board Plan

Over the coming months, Rodney Local Board would like your help to shape our draft local board plan. Local board plans are strategic three-year plans based on community feedback To share your views, visit akhaveyoursay.nz


INVITATION TO AN EVENING AT MATAKANA CINEMAS (21 MARCH) FIGHT FOR THE WILD EPISODES 3 & 4 Kia ora The Forest Bridge Trust is hosting a night at Matakana Cinemas next Tuesday 21 March and we’d love to invite you and your members along. Last year we were able to host episodes 1 & 2…

Damaged Council Trees

Hi, all – initially, we thought that Council may send TreeScape around Omaha to deal with all the damaged Council trees along roadways, etc in one hit but, perhaps understandably given the sheer volume of issues around the wider Auckland area, that doesn’t now look likely. So, if you have damaged Council trees or dropped…