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Elected Life Member in 2012. Omaha Beach Community Treasurer and committee member from 2005-2012. Kim came onto the Omaha Beach Community in 2005 as Treasurer. Kim was a member of that committee with Peter Jackson, also a life member who sadly passed away in March 2021. Peter suggested Kim take over the newsletter and although…

Elected Life Member in 1997
Passed Away 29 November 2006
The Omaha Development – As told by Malcolm Watson (Life Member OBC)Malcolm Watson

Elected Life Member in 1997
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Many of Omaha’s ‘newcomers’ may be unaware of the enormous amount of work local resident Bill Freeth has put into Omaha on behalf of its residents over the past 30 years.

Elected Life Member in 2009
Passed Away 17 June 2009

In the following article prepared by Carolyn Howden we profle Michael Dow and his involvement with Omaha.

Elected Life Member in 2009

Life Member Peter Jackson is honoured to join Omaha Beach Community’s fellow life members Malcolm Watson (1997), Bill Freeth (1997), Judith Crooks (2001) and Michael Dow (2009).

Elected Life Member in 2001
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Local celebrity Judy Crooks has been in and around Omaha for many years. She has dedicated many years service to the Community and acted as the 2014 President of the Omaha Bowls Club.